One of the ultimatecleaning equipment nowadays is the high pressure washer. This powertool can remove and clean serious greases, grimes, dirt because ofits high pressure power performance. Indeed high pressure washers arereliable partners for all our business and house chores andmaintenance. The fact that high pressure washers are helpful anddependable should be used properly and well-mannered to make the mostout of it in order not to meet the downfall of it.The Frenchdesigned high pressure washer from the creator of durable tiresworldwide Michelin, is making its name by providing qualityperformance and guaranteed durability. Their top of the rangeMichelin MPX160 RGB high pressure washer can manage various tasks inyour home. The versatile power cleaner delivers a performance of acommercial machine that utilizes 3.0 kilowatts induction motor withits 3 axial-piston brass pumps that helps generates an astounding2300 PSI pressure power blasting 10 liters per minute water flow. Theamount of water spent using a typical water hose cuts your water billbecause of this pressure washers efficiency. This electric highpressure washer does not require maintenance, energy saver andcorrosion resistant. This lengthens the life of the power cleaner.The accessories and attachments of the Michelin MPX160 RGBsuch as patio cleaner drain cleaner, extension hose for larger spacecleaning and soft bristle brush makes it an all-around high pressurewasher for the home. It is ideal for cleaning around your area likepool side, driveways, patios, garage floor, bricks, fences, sidings,roof, car, bicycle, and even other furniture on your yard. Thestrength it has does not limit itself for residential use but alsofor commercial businesses, work sites and seminars. Avail thelatest high pressure washer Michelin today at and catch the introductory offer with additional attachmentsthat will surely suit your needs. The product comes with 5 yearswarranty service for domestic and a year for commercial use.