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By J. Highland

Who says that the shower theme needs to be all about hearts, teddy bears and lollipops? You can try funnier, unconventional ideas for a baby shower, like a western theme. The theme is very generous and there are a lot of decorating ideas you can pick from. Of course, the western theme is all about cowboys, horses, saloons, country music and a whole lot of fun.

First of all, the invitations need to go with the theme. Order some rustic looking ones, printed on thick paper. Fold the invitations to look like an old letter and put them in some antique envelopes.

You can start by decorating the room where the baby shower will take place and make it look like a real saloon. Bring a small piano and a piano player, install a rustic bar, and add to the place a lot of decorations like blow up cactuses and plush horses. A cake shaped like a cowboy boot will be a nice touch. For the centerpiece, instead of a diaper cake, you should create a something that reminds more of Wild West, for example, sheriff’s star made of baby towels and baby diapers. A very sweet touch would be to prepare for all the guests sheriff’s stars with the baby name on them as favors. Complete the decorations with bouquets of wild flowers and daisies, to be consistent with the western theme you picked.

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Set the mood with some country western music and possibly a swing dancing contest, if your guests are willing to indulge in this activity. You don’t really need any music if you don’t want it, but it can be a nice touch.

As for food, it also needs to be western, so think about some delicious dishes you can make on the barbecue. Steaks, hamburgers or ribs, with all sorts of salads, will certainly make your guests and the mom-to-be feel like they were transported directly to a farm from the west. Keep it simple with the dessert too: some apple pies, lemon pies and pecan pies will do the job perfectly. If the weather is nice, like in the springtime, you can even eat outside and enjoy the weather.

You can find and order western theme baby shower decorations on the Internet, or you can make a lot of them yourself – small cowboy paper hats, cowboy boots and others. A nice teddy bear dressed as a sheriff or cowboy is always a nice touch. If the weather is good, you can simply move the party outside. It will be even more fun, since the people will have enough space to dance. You can even organize a karaoke show with country songs for your guests: they will certainly have a lot of fun with all that.

Other games you can organize during a western theme shower baby are ones involving a lasso. A rope and something to catch is basically all you need to entertain your guests. You can also find some horseshoes and involve the guests in throwing them at a marked point.

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