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If you have decided it s time to replace your kitchen cabinets, you probably already know that new kitchen cabinets can be very expensive. Most cabinets are custom-made and measured by professionals for a specific model of a house. Finding replacement kitchen cabinets that will fit in your home is a big challenge. However, with some patience and in-depth searching, you can find kitchen cabinets to replace your existing ones and still save hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Visit A Local Custom Designe

Just because a business does custom design jobs, it doesn t mean that they don t have discounted items or aren t on a bit of a downtime that will allow them to do a job for less than usual. If you go in with your budget in hand, the design staff will be glad to sit down and try to make something work that meets both of your monetary requirements.

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Maybe they have some cabinets from a job that was cancelled or from a contract that ran out of money that would fit your measurements perfectly. You never know, so stop by this place first to see if you can get something prettier and of higher quality than the big box discount stores will offer.

Consider Other Alternatives

Some home improvement stores and warehouses will have kitchen cabinets that are discontinued or not good sellers available at reduced prices. They may also have cabinets that are being phased out in favour of new styles. This can mean substantial savings for you.

RTA (Ready-To-Assemble) kitchen cabinets take some work on your part, but are often 30 to 40 percent cheaper than ones that are already put together. These kitchen cabinets come with instructions and hardware: you will have to supply the tools.

You may also be able to find some cabinets at a local Re-Store. If you find some beautiful wooden cabinets at a secondhand furniture place, call your local custom woodworking shop and see if they can restore the doors and conform them to your kitchen s specifications. Make sure you get any estimates in writing and read everything over carefully before you sign a contract with the person who will be making your kitchen cabinets. Custom-built cabinets can save you a lot of hassle but make sure it will be cheaper than buying new ones.

Auctions and estate sales are another place you can look for stuff like this. If a house is scheduled for destruction or complete restoration, the owners will often try to sell the salvageable structural or design components inside of it, so look through your local classifieds for auctions, estate sales, or salvage listings. If you find something great, you can always take them to your local woodworkers to have them recovered and fitted for a fraction of the cost of new cabinets. Who knows? You could end up with a unique set of antique cabinets full of stained glass or rare wood for a very reasonable price. It s certainly worth a look.

Kitchen cabinets are expensive, but that doesn t mean you can t find ways to save money on them. It will take more time and effort than simply buying new cabinets retail, but the savings are more than worth it. Take the time to research some alternatives and you may well find your dream kitchen cabinets at a bargain price.

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