What Benefits of Pilates Exercises Do for You?



Pilates is a series of continuous exercises created by Joseph H. Pilates, who developed this exercise as the system of scientific strengthening and stretching exercise to help participators improve flexibility, and mobilize the spine. From young to mature, from athletes to rehabilitation, through Pilates exercise, it is good for them to unite the body, the mind and the spirit. Pilates helps you keep fit and health – it changes the way your body performs and your mental state looks.

The benefits of Pilates for people can summarize to four aspects, namely, strength, stamina, stretch and stability, of course, it also benefits the spirit. Following are some benefits of Pilates good for you:

Improve circulation

Through coordinating continuous patterns of motion and breathing, Pilates improves blood circulation. At the same time, Pilates improves the body immunity.

Improve the cardiorespiratory function


One of the principles of Pilates practice is deep breath. As we all know, deep-drawn breathing can increase the quantity of the oxygen intake and carbon dioxide emissions. And with the increase of oxygen in the blood, it helps improve the heart and lung function.

Release stress

Excessive stress makes people feel nervous and anxious. Heavy stress may lead to secreting excessive gastric acid that is one of the factors causing stomach ulcer and other stomach diseases. By coordinating stretching muscles and deep breathing, Pilates helps participators relieve stress. In addition, in the process of Pilates exercises, it also improves the flexibility and strength, and helps loosen nerve and muscles.

Strengthen the digestion function

We know that one of the benefits of Pilates is stretching muscles. In fact, the stomach and intestines are muscles. Therefore, Pilates helps these muscles restore to relaxed and healthy state that contributes to the stomach and intestines wriggle.

Help rehabilitation

For dancers and athletes, not only do Pilates exercises help reduce the damage, but also it is an effective way to help recovery. Pilates conduces to recover sports injury, especially having a good effect on the back injury.

Improve posture

Pilates can make your hip, legs, arms, and shoulders muscles more firm and elastic, so that help you shape a good figure. At the same time, muscles in good condition can show a good physical condition, making you stand upright.

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