5 Interior Design Trends to Try in 2017



With a new year brings new design trends. Whether you want to make over your living room or turn your entire home into something out of the pages of your favorite home design magazine, 2017 is the year to try new trends in interior design in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Shades of Green

Green is the new black in 2017. If you love rich, deep shades, choose emerald or other dark green shades. It provides the perfect shade for a luxurious bedroom, especially when paired with tan leathers, brass accents and natural linens. In living spaces, feature the color in the form of a sofa or chair, or if you prefer to use it as an accent color, purchase throw pillow or a blanket and toss them on a light-colored sofa or chair.

If you prefer brighter shades, bright shades of green are also popular this year. Lovers of the hue call it refreshing and revitalizing. It looks amazing as an accent wall in nearly any room. If you prefer more subtle touches, try buying brightly colored small appliances and kitchen linens.

Pattern Mixing

Mixing patterns is a trend you can use for nearly any room when you work with an interior designer in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. In kitchens and bathrooms, use mismatched but complementing tile patterns as backsplashes and flooring. In living spaces and bedrooms, mismatched throw pillows, quilts and even patterned wall art are all popular. The types of available patterns are practically endless, so you’ll be able to choose from something simple and traditional, elegant or even cute and whimsical.

Terracotta Tiles

If you prefer to skip the patterns for your interior design in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, try some terracotta tiles. In recent years, kitchen trends were all white. This year, terracotta tile adds warmth and depth to a bright kitchen space. These tiles aren’t like the ones your parents used in the ’80s. The new models are natural matte and provide a soft elegance whether you choose to use them in the kitchen, bathroom or even as flooring in your living room.

Lots of Texture

Pleats, velvety furniture, cotton and leather are up and coming on the list of popular interior design trends in 2017. Textured furniture, rugs and even walls add depth and appeal to our senses after spending all day looking at flat screens on televisions, computers and mobile devices. Even something as simple as large stitching adds a textural appeal to an otherwise traditional sofa or chair. Do you love the feeling of relaxing on something truly soft and luxurious? Try faux fur or mohair.

Cork Accents

Cork is on its way back in, largely in part because it’s as functional as it is aesthetically appealing. Use it in an office to create a wall that double as a bulletin board. It’s perfect for people who work at home, homeschool their children or simply want a space to keep their creative process organized. In other rooms of the house, cork adds texture and warm colors to the room as well as acts as a noise absorber, protecting your home from outside noises and making it feel more peaceful.

When you work with someone experienced in interior design in Williamsburg Brooklyn

such as Echenike, the possibilities are endless. Imagination and expertise will combine to create the space you’ve always dreamed of.

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