Be a Real Estate Heavyweight by Using Real Estate as Your Cash Machine


Pat Friedl

Is the Real Estate market even worth investing in these days? Have we finally bottomed out in the market, or will I just lose my savings if I invest? How can I be sure I can turn a profit in this market? These questions are in the thoughts of all investors right now, especially with day after day of bad news about the markets. But the good news is that not only is Real Estate still a sound investment, but the time to make big profits is NOW! Yes, Real Estate investing can still be your sacred cash cow! Let s consider a few reasons why.

First, recall that enormous transfers of wealth take place during recessions. This is especially true when, like now, so many Real Estates transactions can be had for mere fractions of a dollar. Many sellers are trying to unload their homes right now and understand that they can t expect to get full cash value in the current downturn.


But with such a oversupply of properties, doesn t that mean that the buyers will just be more particular, and so I ll have trouble marketing the houses I pick up? Are you kidding?! Along with the deflating prices, the lending institutions have ratcheted down on mortgages. The unregulated days of no money down with barely acceptable credit are GONE. Only GOOD credit buyers are able to get the mortgages now, and they have to have a Substantial down payment. That means that the pool of people whose only way to buy a property is through owner finance or lease to own programs is growing quickly.

So, we have a situation where more and more houses are becoming readily open for investors to buy, and a steadily growing pool of buyers that need imaginative financing. NOW IS TRULY THE TIME TO INVEST IN REAL ESTATE!

One thing key thing to consider though: Real Estate investing is NOT a get rich quick scheme. It will take time and work. It will take dedication on your part to learn the new skills and techniques that are essential to come through in the new marketplace scenarios that we re in. But if you are ready to put out the effort, then now is the time to start making real estate investing your cash cow!

This article is based a chapter of book Be a Real Estate Heavyweight, entitled Real Estate as Your Cash Machine written by Loral Langemeier. For more information on the book, be sure to check out


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