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Physical therapist assistants or PTAs work along with physical therapists. They help them in the actual implementation of the particular therapy exercises as well as therapies designed for the quicker recuperation of a patient from disability or perhaps personal injury. If you plan to be a physical therapist, however, you don’t have the resources to go to university for quite some time, you may as well study to become a physiotherapy assistant. Physiotherapist assistants essentially have a great chance of being a physical therapist by getting extra years of schooling and training.

Job Description of a PTA

A physical therapist assistant may well perform the same sets of tasks as a physiotherapist, including assisting patients in their physical exercises, massage therapy, physical exercises, electric stimulation in addition to paraffin baths. Generally speaking, PTAs perform their jobs as instructed by physiotherapists, who will be ultimately the ones responsible for planning the therapy program and development of the patients. Basically, physical therapy assistants are active in the paperwork and overseeing of the development of patients.

Work Place for PTAs


Most of the time, physical therapist assistants are seen working in healthcare offices, treatment centers, medical centers and rehab centers. The duties of a PTA do not vary based on where they are really employed. And therefore, as an assistant to a therapist, it is crucial that you have good physical strength to have the ability to carry individuals plus some medical apparatus if needed. In case you are wondering about the work schedules usually made available to a physical therapy assistant, they will really vary depending on the number of affected individuals seeking the assistance, and lastly their employers. In short, a PTA may choose to work part-time, full-time, week-ends and nights.

Instruction and Training Requirements

When you’re aiming to be a physical therapy assistant, you should earn an associate degree with the accredited program. Typically, this could involve two years of undergraduate education and learning. You won’t have issues getting such programs because they can be found in almost every state.

PTA degree programs typically include both class and clinical training and instruction. And as a health care related degree, the programs include subjects in anatomy, physiology, and even life saving training.

Pay Range and Benefits

The Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that a typical physical therapist assistant may receive an average of $46,300 annually. However, the wage range may considerably vary based on the state of employment, employer as well as industry. Also, it is stated that home medical care businesses are the ones who pay PTAs the best. Apart from the standard wage, an assistant to a physical therapist is eligible for medical care insurance and also paid vacation.

Amongst the most critical factors that you’ll want to take into account when selecting a degree program to take will be the steadiness of the industry you may be involved in down the road. Also, it is imperative that you choose only among the best and accredited schools to have an accredited degree program. In this way, you will for sure find becoming a physical therapist assistant to be an excellent career.

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