Cosmetic Surgery Motivations Vary By Individual


Ace Abbey

Making a change is a process that takes a lot of thought. Change to yourself, you home, your job they can all be good changes in your life. Changing yourself is probably one of the most drastic things you can do in your life. You can change yourself by changing the style of clothes you wear, how you style your hair, or even how you wear your makeup. There are lots of reasons to have cosmetic surgery but no question about it, it is a huge change.


One of the biggest reason to have cosmetic surgery is there is something about your body that you don’t care for. It might be the way that your nose looks, the size of your breast or even just those pesky wrinkles on your forehead. The point is that it is something that you don’t like and you want to take steps to take care of the problem. Since your insurance probably won’t cover it, it’s important to think about what you want to do and make sure that it is something you truly want to do. While it might seem like cosmetic surgery is just a frivolous way to make yourself into something that you’re not there are many good reasons to have one of these procedures performed. Most of the time they have absolutely nothing to do with wanting to look a certain way. There are good reasons to have a procedure such as rhinoplasty. This can be done to correct a deviated septum. It can also take care of other breathing problems. While improving the appearance of your nose as compared to your face is an obvious plus it’s not necessarily the reason that the procedure is performed. Another medical reason for cosmetic surgery is a breast reconstruction procedure. These are usually performed after the patient has had a mastectomy. Breast cancer is already a devastating illness. Having to lose one or both because of the disease can be more than some women can handle. Because of that plastic surgeons often reconstruct the removed tissue and give the patient back what was taken away by sickness. It might not be necessary for the physical health of the patient but it sure can help the mentality of the patient. There are many different reasons for someone to have cosmetic surgery. It could be because the person just doesn’t like how a part of their body looks. This is a perfectly acceptable and, if well thought out, legitimate reason for going under the knife. Sometimes it’s preformed to fix something that is causing a physical problem. These reasons, if cause is shown to be a medical problem, will often be covered by your insurance. The final reason is to restore what you once had. Often these procedures won’t be necessary to correct a medical problem but it will often help the patient psychologically. Whatever your reason, be it personal or medical it should always be your decision not because someone else told you to have this procedure.


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