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Developing a healthy life plan includes insuring you have the appropriate level of protection at the workplace. Regardless of your profession, there are appropriate garments insuring you stay safe and secure. Healthcare and medical professional utilize a various degree of medical scrubs or medical uniforms, and if you happen to work where things really heat up, you may find flame resistant polo shirts are just perfect for you and your demanding needs.

If you have the need for this sort of protection, few things really compare to flame resistant polo shirts. These tops are ideal for those wanting to look professional but need an extra level of protection. If you need a good level of protection, you will discover that these flame resistant polo shirts simply provide more of the good stuff you need. There are a variety of styles and designs, but all incorporate Bulwark which is a superior, inherently flame resistant fabric.

When choosing your flame resistant polo shirts, take a look at there examples of what the market has to offer.

Nomex IIIA long sleeve knit tops are just what you would expect from any fashionable polo. This has the superior look, the slight button up neckline, and there is even a trendy pocket on the left breast. This just happens to be FR as well to insure you are getting what you need with each purchase. This is a ribbed jersey knit weighing in at over 6 ounces. This is a thick shirt with a lot of possibilities. Easy to launder and meets Arc ratings for perfection and protection.


You will appreciate the color choices with a navy and a contrasting tan trim, or visa versa. These also come in perfect sizes to appeal to a bigger audience with sizes from medium to 3XL.

If you are looking for something a bit different, try this Nomex IIIA short sleeve striped knit flame resistant polo shirt. This is going to offer a high level of protection, but the design is simply amazing. You will love the small stripes making that unique look that fits your style and fashion sense. This has a perfectly rib knit collar, and there are even sleeve welts to offer added versatility. Easy to launder and even easier to wear.

Find this in a khaki and navy stripe design, and sizes from small to 6XL.

Finally, take a look at another Nomex IIIA design. These short sleeve flame resistant polo shirts are a superior design perfect for your needs. This has all the style you would expect from polos but with so much more. The collar is the traditional polos collar and has awesome trimming, and the button closure is reinforced to guarantee excellence. You will cherish the heavy weight coming it at slightly over 6 ounces, and the Arc rating will insure you get exactly what you expect and so much more.

This is available in a navy color with contrasting khaki trim or khaki color with contrasting navy trim. In sizes from medium to 3XL, there is something for everyone.

Choosing flame resistant polo shirts just makes good commonsense when you need stylish protection from the fire.

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