By Megan Cherry

One of the best places to find things to decorate your home with is a flea market. Because of the hard economic times that the world is facing, finding great decorative items for one’s home at a steal can prove to be the best way to still be able to decorate no matter what the stock market may be doing. The key is to knowing what one is looking for and where they are going to place it in your home before going to shop, otherwise you could end up with a ton of items and no place to put them.

When shopping for a dining room, a good thing to always have on hand is vases. These allow for fresh flowers to be placed in the home and give the area an uplifted feel. You might also have a display of special plates or picture frames that can easily be found at a flea market for a fraction of the cost that you might spend in a department store.

Another place in the home that might need some sprucing up is the entryway. Flea markets are loaded with great objects that can definitely add spice to an entryway. For example, many people have coats or hats that they like to take off when they enter a home. A great shaker peg rack can offer the perfect coat rack for someone.

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These are easily found if one scours and searches for them in flea markets. They can be exquisite pieces of not only functional tools but also an art piece as well. They are exquisitely made and can offer beauty and function that is great for any room in a home.

Other items that one can find in a flea market are timeless antiques. These often times are overlooked by people who have no idea what they are. However, many flea market stalls are filled with great antiques that can be found at a fraction of the cost compared to those high end antique dealers that may be just down the street.

Everything from hobnail glass to Oak coat racks can be found in the nooks and crannies that a flea market offers. One of the best aspects about flea market shopping is that most offer a hassle free shopping experience. Usually one person is at a checkout and the room is divided into various stalls that have no one in them. This offers a unique shopping adventure that one would normally not receive if they went to their local mall looking for a great coat rack.

No matter where one decides to shop for their home and the different areas that need redecorating, they should definitely not forget about their local flea markets. These are valuable tools in the world of shopping that also provide a link to our past. History and flea markets are forever intertwined, and one’s home can be a place for this history to shine while the owner saves a fortune on decorating.

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