By Richard Dinae

Window cleaning is tricky even if both your feet are on solid ground or with the windows easily reachable. Imagine having to clean your windows when they are twenty feet up in the air! So, how to clean second floor windows safely and efficiently, you ask? These easy ways and tools will make your windows absolutely clean, all the while keeping you safe and sound.

The first thing you should do is to select the right equipment. Strip-washers and squeegees around 12′-14′ should be just perfect. If you want professional results, you should make it a point to purchase only professional quality equipment. Ensure that your pole is with a cone-shaped fitting at the end, allowing the strip-washer and the squeegee to be pressure-fit at its end.

Dilute one tablespoon of soap to about a gallon of water. The solution will be firm enough to gash out the dirt but not sufficient to cause streaking. To have maximum control, adjust the solution according to what you need. If you find yourself drying too quickly, utilize lesser soap, and if your squeegee is not sliding, utilize more soap.


Before you think about utilizing extensions of any kind, ensure that you are at a secure distance away from power lines. Set the height of your pole to hit the top of your window whilst you stand at a distance from the wall comfortably. It is ideal to adjust your pole to a 45-60? angle. After you soak your strip-washer in the solution and also after you give it a ring-out using your hand, bind it to the end of your pole and begin scrubbing your window in a thorough manner.

After you do that, alter your strip-washer for the squeegee. Put the squeegee to either the right or the left edge at the top of your window’s glass. It is advisable not to work against the wind’s direction to blow any dripping water to the wet area of the glass. Press the squeegee firmly to the glass while pulling it down to the edge at the bottom.

Put the squeegee once again to an area on the top of the glass that is still wet. Provide that you have a 1′-2′ overlap of the squeegee to the area that is cleaned. Once again, press the squeegee firmly to the glass while pulling it down to the edge at the bottom, but make sure that the other end of the squeegee is around an inch lower than the opposite end. Ensure that the higher end is position on the wet area of the glass. This forces the extra water off the squeegee and on to the wet area of the glass, which keeps the cleaned area of the glass streak and drip free. Do this up until your window is spotless from right to left.

The finishing touches should be changing your squeegee to a hand towel that is lint-free. Envelop the end of your pole with the lint-free towel and fasten it by tucking it into a fold you should form. Making sure the towel is dry, wipe your window.

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