By Terry Henman

Monochrome interior design styles are a popular choice in many modern and contemporary homes as they offer a chic and trendy look which is easy to achieve. The other great advantage of having black and white colour combination is the crisp, clean look it offers which ideal for any room in your home.

As people in the UK move away from traditional wall to wall carpeting and begin to adopt the continental approach of having tiled floors the monochrome look comes into its own.

Beautiful marble flooring in penthouse apartments is also being utilised to give sophistication and elegance which is a design style commonly used in Italy as well as by plush hotels.

The use of monochrome tiled flooring is not a completely new concept. Victorian houses often used the diamond patterning in hallways and entrances or on paths leading to front doors. Many of these are still in existence and are being ‘discovered’ as the trend for renovating Victorian homes to their former glory is being adopted by more and more people.


Black and white colour schemes also lend themselves beautifully for complimenting contemporary highly polished chrome and stainless steel fittings and fixtures, along with glass tables. Contemporary monochrome lounges look striking with a minimalist approach of clean lines and subtle injections of colour such as red being used in accent pieces.

Texture is also an important part of interior design of both tactile and visual appeal. Black and white cushions in suede or zebra animal print are ideal for this style of interior along with floor rugs to create a warm and cosy feel to the room, especially during the colder months.

Table lamps are a simple and effective way to produce ambient lighting in your home, those in black and white, of course, coordinate effectively with the monochrome theme.

Monochrome lends itself wonderfully for use a window treatments. Venetian or vertical style blinds in crisp white are ideal for enabling as much light as possible into a room, while black leather Venetian blinds are perfect for bedrooms and bachelor style apartments.

If you prefer to have a pattern at your windows there are some superb roller blinds with wonderful scroll designs which compliment a monochrome interior beautifully, these are a good choice for bedrooms to add texture and a more cosy feel.

Metal blinds are perfect choices for bathrooms and kitchens as they offer both a clean, crisp look and are ideal for providing privacy and a practical style of window dressing in humid atmospheres. The latest designs are not the noisy metal blinds of the past, designers and manufactures have produced virtually noiseless running systems. These blinds are nearly always treated with acrylic finishes to produce high gloss or matt finishes which are resistant to humidity and water. Many also have a coating which helps reduce the amount of dust settling on the louvers which is a real time saver when it comes to keeping the blinds looking at their best as less cleaning is required!

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