There are several ways to know if the cracks are due to the Structural defect or not.1. The crack makes a severe diagonal.2. If the crack that is horizontal indicates a serious problem.3. Width of the crack keeps on increasing with time.Still if you’re having doubt and are not able to make it up if the crack is due to structural defect than contact professional and let him fix it. If you find out that is a structural crack then it becomes important for repairing structural cracks as it can lead to severe damage if not taken proper care at the right time. Epoxy InjectionEpoxy injection is used for repairing the shrinkage crack structural crack. It is injected from inside of the basement, no digging is needed from outside. Epoxies are responsible for hardening and reinforcing the crack. They fill the crack from front to back and from bottom to top entirely. After injecting the water won’t get leaked out of the crack.Polyurethane InjectionAnother way to fill the cracks is polyurethane injection. It repairs the crack problem that has occurred in concrete wall. This foam is usually injected by a professional or a technician. This foam is a mixture of two components and they get mixed before they enter the crack. Urethane liquid goes in the crack; it starts making foam and starts to expand. The foam is responsible for driving out the water and forming a tight sealing on the concrete and helps in stopping water from leaking into the basement. This injection fills the crack entirely from top to bottom and also from start to the end, from front to end. There’s no possibility that water will enter in the crack again. By preventing the water to enter the crack, salts won’t get accumulated into the crack and hence, the foam and concrete bond won’t get broken. The time that takes to repair the crack is very less. This process is very quick, not too expensive and it is clean. All work is done from inside of the basement.