By Roberta Martin

Hidden cams or spy cameras have turned out to be a lucrative new business and of late are being used more frequently across the world. Hidden cams are regularly used for security and surveillance purpose; however, they can be used for other means too. A hidden cam or spy camera is just a miniature camera that can be concealed and is extremely difficult to see or detect. Hidden cams often used in industries, by government agencies like, defense and police departments are now finding its way into the home to keep an eye on our homes, kids and our belongings. Previously since the spy equipments were quite expensive and heavy no one except the rich few could afford it. On the other hand, thanks to technological advancements in the recent years and drastic price drops these spy equipments are now easily affordable to common person.

Hidden cam equipment varies from model to model; there are a few hidden cams available in the markets that are as small as a lighter, even as other cameras can be hidden inside a pen and can be worn just like an ordinary pen. Dedicated spy shops sell an extensive range of spy cams that are sufficiently adaptable to be used in any way in accordance with the buyer’s need. Hidden cam equipment can differ in cost from 10 dollars for less sophisticated models procured secondhand to thousands of dollars for high-tech and most modern technology that boasts a LCD screen and other accessories like DVR.


A lot of people think that this boom in hidden spy cam technology started off with TV reality shows like Candid Camera. Followers of this notorious TV reality show were amongst the first users to recognize that hidden cams can be meant for uses other than security and surveillance, and people happened to realize the possibilities that this technology provides. Regrettably, a lot of difficulties cropped up as hidden cam use swelled, leading citizens at large to discuss the subject like are hidden cameras useful or a hindrance. A lot of people value their confidentiality and do not like the thought that others can make use of miniature, hidden cams to look at, and screen their each move. However, a few people just see hidden cams as pure harmless enjoyment.

Hidden spy cam use is common; a few of the countless industries that make use of them include security companies, car rental companies, private detectives, and worried parents who would like to keep an eye on their babysitter. A number of companies make use of these Hidden cams to monitor their workers and confirm that they are working competently.

There are several reasons why one should use a hidden spy camera rather than not using them. The world we live in today has changed a lot with times. It is on account of these changes that one needs to secure his/her family and investments. Don’t wait until something occurs to your family or your belongings to install a hidden camera. Buy one now to make your surroundings safe.

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