By Winston P. McDonald

The shortage of nursing has become more evident in the many job opening posted online looking for nursing professionals like Nursing-LPN or Licensed Practical Nurses. So what lies ahead for this type of nursing profession?

Nursing-LPN or Licensed Practical Nurse are well skilled in the technical nursing skills, enabling them to assist doctors and nurses in caring for a patient. This also frees the doctors and nurses from other duties that the licensed practical nurse can handle like routine nursing duties of booking appointment, maintaining records of patients, and other related medical clerical duties.

Since licensed practical nurses spends most of their duties with patients, it is vital for them to keep a positive mood and outlook in all their duties. They can dress wounds, replace bandages, give prescribed medication, monitor vital signs, report changes of patient condition, provide bedside care, and even prepare meals for patients. Some responsibilities even include assistance to the patient’s activities of daily living. These duties require extensive nursing skills to be accomplished.


To get a practical nurse license, a hopeful must be able to complete high school and enter an extensive one year training of becoming a LPN in an accredited training or vocational institution.A state-regulated licensing exam is required to be able to qualify for a LPN license. Once you have a license for LPN, then you can find your job from your local job employment agency or other resources. You can choose to work in a hospital, homes, or other medical facilities that require your nursing technical skills. Home care is usually common for LPNs job choice as these have the highest demands in the job market.

According to a labor source in the U.S., demand for LPNs in the year 2014 will pick up pace as more jobs open up for long-term caring facilities, home care, rehabilitation centers, clinics, and hospitals. A rise of about 15% is expected to turn up for the next years to come. The average annual income of a LPN is around $31,000 up to $44,000. This is a hefty amount considering the state of the economic crunch.

Further additional training and education can enable a LPN to become a registered nurse. This would be a much easier set up since you can learn the theories in nursing by having applied them on the real world. It is much easier to grasp the concepts and ideas of nursing when you have a prior technical nursing skill to compare them.

For many people who have seen the opportunity in the nursing shortage, they prefer taking up LPN training to fast track their nursing dreams and goals. It only take about one year to complete and then a few months to qualify for licensure examination. After all the certification, you can now become a true LPN for the service of others.

Nursing-LPN has truly become one of the most favorite means of people to apply for a nursing position. Of course, your attitude and passion to help other people in their weak state should also be big factors in determining how well will you fare being a licensed practical nurse.

Dedication and patience characterize working as a LPN. It does not matter too much when it comes to some nursing skills but in the way you tend to your patient.

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