When you want a custom metal design, whether for fencing, decorative items, logos, and the like, you want something that not only looks great, but also provides high quality. When it comes to custom metal fabrication, TIG welding may require more time and expense, but its benefits more than make up for it in your completed design.

What It Is

TIG, which stands for tungsten inert gas, welding is one of the most difficult options in the industry. This is because it requires the welder to use intense control while joining two pieces of metal. Additionally, this method uses a lower amperage, which makes working with thinner pieces of metal easier, and less susceptible to the damage that can result from the high heat of other types of welding.

This welding process also uses a power source that remains constant. This, coupled with the welder’s expertise in maintaining the appropriate distance from the metals, ensures a cleaner, neater join than can be produced by other methods.

Fabrication Benefits

During the fabrication process, the goal is to create your custom design in a way that provides the most pleasing aesthetics. If you ever look closely at mass-produced ironworks, you will likely notice the joins right off the bat, and this is not very appealing. When using TIG welding in custom fabrication, you will be hard-pressed to see the seams, due to the precise melting and joining of the metals.

This preciseness also adds much more than beauty to the finished product. TIG welding results in a considerably higher-quality weld, which adds significant strength to your design.

This type of weld also allows for intricate detailing, which is an important consideration in custom iron – especially in designs that have ornate scrolls and other design elements.

While TIG does take a bit more time to complete, it does minimize time at the finish. Other welding techniques leave slag behind, and this has to be cleaned up and removed before the design can be completed. This method, however, generally leaves no slag behind, which means your fabricator can spend more time on creating your design, rather than cleaning up messy welds.

TIG welding provides many benefits for custom fabrication. Even though it does add time to the overall completion of the project, the numerous benefits cannot be ignored. If you truly want your custom design to look amazing, including this type of welding during fabrication is a must. Click here to learn more.