Submitted by: SURAJ Nair

It was a great outing which we had in Malvan this time. Since the time we invested in Pancard Clubs Investment scheme we are enjoying our every holidays. It was our first trip to Malvan and this time I used the scheme for my friends. We planned the outing for three days as we had a good long weekend off. The day we reached there we were completely exhausted and we decided to spend the rest of the day in the hotel itself.

We had our accommodations done in Hotel Sagar Kinara, as per the terms under the Pancard Club investment scheme. Moving off the topic I still wonder why people accused Pancard clubs of irregularity and fraud when they are good kind people who are always ready to help you. Coming back to Malvan, the room we booked was a big spacious one with AC. We had two cots with white bed sheets. Till late night we were just sleeping and relaxing ourselves as after the bike ride to Malvan consumed all our energy.

Late in the evening we strolled out for sightseeing. I dont know what sight we were going to view in the late night but still we four had a good time. All of us were doing things all kind of stupid things which not only made us laugh but also affected other peoples peace who were enjoying their silent walk. Even they didnt care to shout or ask us to keep quiet; we understood that and tried to control such stupid things. We returned back and had a great dinner prepared by the hotel people. It was really Malvan style which means very spicy. It was time for bed but being there whole day we werent feeling sleepy, so decided to again go the beach. It was a calm atmosphere even we were enjoying the atmosphere. Looking at the dark sky with many twinkling stars above us it was a feeling that cannot be described.

We were there to see the rising sun, later, wished we would have captured the scene in our camera. We went back to our hotel in the early hours of morning and slept till noon. We skipped our breakfast, rather didnt had time for breakfast. We all had a quiet lunch and then went again to the room and enjoyed some card games. In the evening we set out for our trekking. We went to Sindhudharg fort, it was nice feeling to see and feel the fort which are centuries old. All the warriors story attached with the fort were flashing in my minds. All the stories were recited by our parents when we were young. The same we had read in our schools.

It took more than an hour to complete our entire exploration of the fort. After that exploration we went to the beach and had some water sports like snorkeling. It was a great experience doing things which we never thought you would ever do in your life. In short in this trip we had a great blast considering we had the best hotel to stay thanks to Pancard Club Investment Scheme from Panoramic Universal Ltd. and the beautiful place like Malvan with the forts, beaches and greenery.

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