Electrical contractors such as Brandt Electrical Services, Inc. perform a variety of services for the average homeowner. However, they also handle many electrical jobs for multiple family dwellings and commercial properties. These jobs may be similar to those performed in a single family dwelling such as light installations, simple wiring repairs and other electrical troubleshooting or they may be large tasks such as running high voltage lines for heavy duty appliances.

In certain cases a multiple family dwelling can make use of what is known as ‘low voltage’ electrical circuits. These are typically used in distributed audio systems, home theater environments, household security systems, intercoms and phone installations. Because the tenants don’t own the property they aren’t usually allowed to make these additions themselves and usually require the services of an Electrical Contractor Houston.

Commercial installations require a bit more experience than home or multiple family dwellings. Most businesses require a lot of power which implies high voltage supplies to deliver the raw energy they consume. In these cases the business will have large bus bar systems that additional wiring will connect to. The power from a high voltage bus is stepped down to the level required for the specific machines the business operates. Because of the variety of devices we use for designing and creating the various products we purchase it can be difficult for an Electrical Contractor Houston to know exactly what type of installation or repair will be required.

For example, wiring a high voltage lathe or a high speed drill press can be completely different that running electrical wiring to an office or utility room. Of course, businesses also use lower voltage lines such as those required for data networks, audio/video conferencing and security systems. Even though these low voltage systems are similar to regular wiring they are still different enough that they require specific techniques for installation and testing.

Perhaps the most important function for most electricians working for today’s businesses is the installation of new lighting systems. Lighting your business is critical for both every day use and protection of property. This means that lights should be installed on both the interior and exterior of your business and those lights should always be functional. To ensure your property is well lit and still remain efficient you may wish to consider investing in modern LED lights.