The Classic Ripstick Colors


Josh Brennon

Ripstik brings a variety of cool looking options for you to put on your board. The deck plates on the board are removable and replaceable, which allows you to mix and match any type of deck color with any type of wheel color. You can even mix the deck colors and have a multicolored Ripstik.

There are five options of colors for your Ripstik. The first color is silver. The silver board is very sleek looking Ripstik. The great thing about the silver board is that flashy but not over the top and ugly. The next color is blue. I really like this board because it reminds me surfing of the waves in the ocean, which is where one of the inspirations for the board came from. On top of that it is a great looking board; you really cannot go wrong on the blue Ripstik. The next color is the red board. The red is not too bright so it does not stand out is not a dumb looking color. It is a deeper colored red and really looks great whether it is a girl riding the board or a guy. The next color is green. Green is cool because it is kind of inconspicuous. It is just a cool looking board but not flashy or bright. Just like the red board it is a great board color for either a guy or a girl. The last color is pink. Amazingly pink is a very popular color. That is either because a lot of girls or buying the Ripstik or it is also popular with guys. Actually the pink Ripstik is very popular with young guys. I am surprised at how many guys ride a pink board. I think you need to be bold to ride it as a guy, but regardless of what gender you are the board is very cool looking in pink. Wheels come in many colors as well that you can mix and match with the deck plates.If you have a Ripstik and you would like to change the color of your board, but do not have the money to buy new deck plates there are options for you. Try trading deck plates with a friend. You do not have to trade the whole board that you are used to riding and have made your own, but you can simply remove the deck plates and switch. You can even switch just one deck plate with your friend so that you both have multicolored boards. Say you do not want any of the board colors, try this. Take your deck plates off and paint them yourself in whatever design you want. Make sure you take the plates off to paint and wait until they are dry to put them back on to avoid hurting your board. On of the coolest boards I have seen was an all black board that the rider had spray painted. Whatever the case may be the Ripstik is created so that you can be creative. Switch colors of decks, trade with friends, paint your own, just be creative and have fun.Ripstick decks

are colorful and changeable. You can match any wheels with any decks. It is a sweet feature on the ripstick.

Longboard decks

are not changeable. What you get is what you got.

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The Classic Ripstick Colors}