The transmission of a vehicle is a crucial part of how it performs. Without a working transmission, a vehicle would be unable to move into any gear. Unfortunately, transmission issues can lead to expensive repairs. It is important drivers know the warning signs their vehicle may be emitting so they can have their transmission issues cared for promptly, to avoid further damage. If problems are found, owners need to seek repairs from the Transmission Repair Shops in Jenison MI.

When a transmission is beginning to fail, it will cause these symptoms:

1. Transmission fluid leaks are one of the most common warning signs a driver will experience when their transmission is having problems. Transmission fluid is bright red in color, so it is easy to see when it puddles under a car. If a driver finds a leak, they need to immediately have their vehicle checked at one of the Transmission Repair Shops in Jenison MI.2. A check engine light will usually shine if a transmission is causing changes in the way the vehicle drives. It is crucial this warning light is not ignored since it can lead to further damage to the vehicle and higher expenses in repairs.3. If drivers begin to notice a slightly sweet and burnt smell, this means their transmission fluid may be getting old and worn down. It could also mean the transmission is failing. It behooves a driver to have their vehicle checked to determine what is causing the problem.4. Checking the transmission fluid levels is an easy way to see how the transmission is performing. If the fluid coming out of the dipstick is red and clearish, and the levels are where they should be, the transmission is likely working as it should. If the fluid smells burnt or is brownish in color, it is time to have it checked.

If any of these signs are present, a driver needs to have their transmission serviced so the issues can be repaired. If you would like to learn more about transmission repair, visit Bob’s Transmission is the repair shop drivers can rely on to ensure their transmission problems are properly diagnosed and repaired.